Experience Odawa Mnis through Outdoor Adventure

Our partners offer unique ways to experience the vast wilderness of Manitoulin Island and Killarney, Ontario, Canada. Experiences range from boat rides combined with historic teachings, to ripping through the backcountry on an ATV, or catching the fish of a lifetime on a charter. These charters are perfect for a group of friends looking for adventure, or families looking to experience all the beauty and bewilderment that Manitoulin Island has to offer. Tours available from May through November.

Mukwa Adventures ATV Tour

Motor through 30kms of dirt trails and explore the stunning vistas of Wiikwemkoong Unceded Territory.

This outdoor adventure will have you cruising along the Niagara Escarpment while taking in stunning views of Lake Huron and the La Cloche Mountains. Stops on the way share our knowledge of plants and medicines, intrigue you with oral stories and engage your senses along the Bebamikawe Memorial Trail. Get ready for an adventure of a lifetime!!!

Swing Bridge Charters

Swing Bridge Charters will do our best to put you on the fish species that you so desire. Whether you’re a beginner or pro, we will do our best to put you on fish.

All bait, tackle supplied, safety equipment is all up to date, we down rig for salmon, lake trout, rainbow trout, with Scotty downriggers. If you prefer to troll and sit back and enjoy the sunshine we can do that as well. If this is your first time fishing not to worry, you’re in good hands. Swing Bridge Charters will take care of you. We are all out on the water to have a safe, fun, but most of all stress free time.

What you should bring on your charter are sun screen, bottle water and fishing license for those who are over the age of 18 years, under the age of 65 years. Ontario fishing licenses can be purchased at any Canadian Tire store or online at https://www.huntandfishontario.com/  Canadian residents can in Ontario fish without buying a license during Mother’s Day weekend (May 8-9 2021) Father’s Day weekend (June 19-20 2021) Family fish week (July 3-11 2021)

All trip times are from dock to dock. Typical morning departure is 7 am until 11 am, 4 hrs (4-5 hrs typical) Typical afternoon departure is 2 pm till 6pm 4hrs (4-5 hrs typical) Evening departure is 5pm till 9 pm 4 hrs (4-5hrs typical) these are all half day charters. The cost of half day charters is 400 dollars (1 -4 fisherman ) Full day charters. Typical morning departure is 7am to1pm 6hrs in length (6-8 hrs typical) Typical evening full charter departs 2pm -8pm 6hrs (6-8 hrs typical ) We also offer split day which is a full day charter begins at 7 am to 10.30 am (10:30-11:30 am) short break in between to grab your lunch, then resumes at 4 pm -7.30 pm (7:30-8:30pm) 7 hrs to 9 hrs usually. All departure times are flexible. Cost of full day charter $600 dollars (1-4fisherman) All bait and tackle and safety equipment supplied, fish cleaned upon request at no additional charge, just bring a cooler and leave it in your vehicle, which your catch will be filleted and put in freezer bags for you to take home.

Fishing Charters – Wass Tours

Daily departures from Manitowaning Bay and Prairie Point in Wikwemikong.

Fully insured, mobile and professional fishing charter service offers down rigging for Salmon, Rainbow and Lake Trout on Georgian Bay-Lake Huron surrounding Manitoulin Island and Killarney. Salmon charters target mainly Chinook but it is not uncommon to catch Atlantic and Coho Salmon with a mixed bag of Lakers and Rainbow trout. Casting and flat line fishing charters for Pike, small-mouth bass and walleye can be arranged with local guides/ Ask about Killarney departures.

Zhiibaanaaning – “Canoe Passage” Boat Tour

The Zhiibaanaaning tour is designed to be educational, relaxing and most importantly, fun. Families are encouraged to bring their swimming attire.

This experience is lead by your Odawa Captain who takes you back in time through the trading routes of the local Anishnaabek through traditional storytelling and legends. Revel at the oral history of Skull Points as your Anishnabek guide shares the story of this 17th Century battle site. Take in the natural beauty of the Lacloche Mountains through the narrow channels to “Hole in the Wall”. Enjoy the warm waters by taking a swim in the sheltered sandy cover or cliff diving at Indian Head rock. Make sure to keep your trigger finger on your camera as you might snap a shot of the soaring golden and bald eagles.

Stop for lunch at the tourist port of Killarney where you will enjoy the world famous Killarney fish and chips. Take a self guided tour and explore the many shops that dot the shoreline landscape. Depart to the traditional fishing Islands of the Wiikwemkoong Anishnaabek and enjoy the natural beauty of eastern Manitoulin Island. You will walk away with a greater appreciation of the history of Manitoulin Island and memories that will last a lifetime.

Come experience the history, wildlife and natural beauty of Zhiibaanaaning.

The Amikwa Village & Pictograph Boat Tour

The Amikwa village and Pictograph tour departs from Prairie Point in Wiikwemkoong with a lunch stop in Killarney.

This tour travels Georgian Bay to Collins inlet with a stop at the Pictograph site where your Indigenous guide will share the history surrounding this ancient site. Travel to the historic Mahzenanzing Lodge, the site of the old 19th century logging camp where you can still see remnants of the docks from the logging era. Take a step back in time as you travel through the Beaverstone River to the Amikwa Village Site nestled along the river bank. This village site dates back over 2000 years with modern historic artifciats such as a cross still visible along the banks. This educational tour will share the connection of the Odawa of Manitoulin Island and Amikwa (beaver) of Georgian Bay.

Topaz lake- Baie Finne Boat Tour

The tour departs from Prairie Point in Wiikwemkoong with stops at the shipwreck of the “Inidia” at Marys island and continues on to the pool in the Baie Finne.

The scenic cruise takes you through one of the worlds larget fresh-water fjords through stunning white quartzite mountains. Trippers will take the 20 minute hike up to Topaz lake to enjoy self guided exploration, lunch and swimming at one of the most beautiful crystal clear lakes in the Killarney Provincial Park. This tour combines stunning scenic landscapes, crystal clear waters and First Nation history.

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