All 2021 events have been postponed due to the Covid 19 Pandemic and will be aligned with Ontario’s Reopening Plan. Stay up to date by visiting our website as the Reopening plan progresses!

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Due to COVID-19 the Manitoulin Ice Showdown has been postponed until 2022. In lieu of the Manitoulin Ice Showdown, the partnership of The Manitoulin Expositor, Wikwemikong Tourism and the Wiikwemkoong Anglers will be giving anglers far and wide a chance to get out and win some cash prizes through a new event.

This year’s edition of the derby will take on a virtual format as a precautionary measure to ensure the safety of all participants from COVID-19. The virtual format will also allow for anglers from all around the Sudbury, Algoma, and Manitoulin districts to participate, as the virtual weigh in process means that you do not have to report to a weigh station, but rather submit your measurements online where they will be recorded by the organizing group. Participation in the derby is open to anyone in zones 10, South bay of zone 13, and Zone 14- North Channel from Sault Ste Marie to North Shore to the east of Phillip Edward Island including Collins Inlet. A full map of the fishing zones will be made available on and the event Facebook page. This multi-species fishing derby has something for every type of angler with cash prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place across each of the 5 divisions (pike, walleye, whitefish, rainbow trout, & lake trout); as well as a guaranteed registration draw for $500 for all paid participants. Registration is $60 per person and includes your entry into the derby for two weeks.

This one of a kind event will take place from February 12th – February 28th, giving fisherman two weeks to dial in their hot spots and climb the leaderboard. Participants are also allowed multiple submissions, meaning they will have the opportunity to place across multiple categories for the chance to win multiple cash prizes. For submissions the honour system will come into play as angler’s will be required to submit a video via Facebook or by email using their own measurements, while also stating the pass code during recording that will be provided hours prior to the event. The combination of live release and the passcode will ensure that fish are both caught within the event time frame, and also legally in accordance with the event rules.

2019 MIS Final Results

Lake Manitou
1st – Katelane Frohlick – Lake Trout – 9.2 lbs
2nd – Matt Eles – Lake Trout – 8.51 lbs
3rd – Richard Noble – Lake Trout – 8.4 lbs
4th – Steven Rye – Lake Trout – 8.36 lbs
5th – Danielle Fescura – Lake Trout – 8.29 lbs
6th – Cody Hunter – Lake Trout – 8.15 lbs
7th – Matt Eles – Lake Trout – 8.13 lbs
8th – Mike Gibbons – Lake Trout – 8.01 lbs
9th – Nick Holmes – Lake Trout – 7.91 lbs
10th – James Grigull – Lake Trout – 7.86 lbs

Target Weight Contest
Day 1 – Jason Buie – Target Weight – 5.86 lbs – 11:52 a.m
Day 2 – Nick Watkins – Target Weight – 6.03 lbs – 9:34 a.m.

Tagged Fish Contest
Day 1 – Greg Gilson – 3.11 lbs – 1:08 p.m
Day 2 – Travis Assiniwe – 2.78 lbs – 8:23 a.m.

Out Fish Bob Izumi Contest
Danielle Fescura – 8.29 lbs – Lake Trout

Manitowaning Bay
1st – Ken Hartley – Rainbow Trout – 13.08 lbs
2nd – Roger Cooper – Rainbow Trout – 12.86 lbs
3rd – Noah Souliere-Lamb – Rainbow Trout – 12.04 lbs
4th – Richard Phillips – Rainbow Trout – 11.54 lbs
5th – Dene Banger – Rainbow Trout – 10.52 lbs
6th – Lyle Gillman – Rainbow Trout – 10.28 lbs
7th – Dave Adamczak – Pike – 10.22 lbs
8th – Michael Duhaime – Rainbow Trout – 9.98 lbs
9th – Ethan Flammand – Rainbow Trout – 8.38 lbs
10th – Paxton Holmes – Rainbow Trout – 8.13 lbs

Tagged Fish Contest
Day 1 – Greg Gilson – 3.11 lbs – 1:08 p.m
Day 2 – Travis Assiniwe – 2.78 lbs – 8:23 a.m.

Pimp’d Hut Contest
Matt Eles – 21.71 lbs of Lake Trout